We started our practice in 1988 as herbalists and moved to the present site in 1998. Since coming here we have been able to expand and fulfill our dream of having a dispensary open to the public that can give sound advice and respond immediately to people’s needs. All practitioners are fully trained and experienced in their medical disciplines.

Working in the community of a small town has been a rewarding experience. We often know our patients in different contexts and through other people, which gives a very rounded feel to the whole practice. Also working as part of a team, which is quite rare in the field of natural medicine, gives benefits to practitioners and the public because expertise is shared and this means greater availability of excellence. For simple health problems using over-the-counter natural medicines is now the first choice route for an increasingly aware public.

People at Hamblys

Paul Hambly
Frances Hambly
Medical Herbalist
Yeli Williams
Medical Herbalist
Lindsey Glasheen
Medical Herbalist
Kirsten Germann
Lilli Grace
Sophie Outen
Medical Herbalist, Nutrition & Acupuncture
Claire Piper
Tony Skinner
Amy Barnes
Biodynamic Massage Therapist
Esalen® Massage therapist & Reiki practitioner
Natasha Lumley