Andrew Sikorski

Dr Andrew Sikorski MBBS MRCGP FFhom DFFP GMC no. 3286180

Dr Andrew Sikorski first encountered complementary medicine practices, and was hooked on finding out more about healing, when working at the St Michael’s Hospital Obstetric Unit in Bristol as part of his NHS GP training when a lady delivered her second child using only acupuncture and meditation/ hypnosis techniques. She complained she didn’t have as much time to get into ‘the zone’ as she had with her first child!

Curiosity piqued he attended the Southampton Centre for Complementary and Integrated Medicine where he was taught and needled by Dr George Lewith, worked at the Glastonbury Health Centre using acupuncture daily under the watchful eye of GP trainer Dr Philip Jackson who was also qualified in Homeopathic Medicine. On completion of GP training his quest for broader experience in healing, beyond standard General Practice, led to posts at The Royal London NHS Homeopathic Hospital, Glasgow NHS Homeopathic Hospital and Royal Tunbridge Wells NHS Homeopathic Hospital over a period of 5 years. At that time an opportunity arose to investigate whether all this knowledge could be usefully applied in General Practice at the Marylebone NHS Health Centre with Professors Patrick Pietroni and David Peters, alongside Dr Leon Chaitow. It did, with a surprising benefit of being able to finish clinics on time in contrast to the more psychodynamic styles of the other GPs.

Investigation and familiarisation with medical hypnosis, autogenic training, provocative therapy and applied QiGong alongside training in shamanism, Anthroposophical medicine, Psionic medicine, nutrition, sophrology, EFT and EMDR and humanistic psychology enriched his daily NHS GP practice into becoming a self-built form of Functional Medicine. Andrew has himself taken courses of treatment in each of the methods he now provides as he takes his health and well being just as seriously as his patients’. He recognises self-care and prevention are just as important as effective treatments. Ongoing review of the scientific literature has sadly validated there are many conventional treatments which lack an evidence base and with increasing bureaucratic restrictions within the NHS together with growing demands, falling resources and diminishing numbers of nurses and doctors it has now become necessary to move into Private Practice to continue providing effective compassionate care at a sustainable rate, which was the reason he chose to study and work in the medical field in the first place.

You may be surprised by what you find when you meet him and you are very likely to be galvanised towards greater health, happiness and well-being, whether ill and suffering or not.