Venetia Minns

Art Psychotherapist (HCPC) Counsellor & Creative Therapist

As an integrative arts psychotherapist I specialise in individual and group work where the issues are deep and words may not be enough.

Therapy can provide a safe place where you can tell your story, explore the things that you are finding difficult at the moment, and have the experience of really being heard by another person. When it is difficult to put problems into words, using art materials can be of great help.
Being heard with empathy and understanding is one of the most healing elements of therapy and counselling. Sharing in confidence allows you to explore the most painful aspects of your life and find ways of achieving more peace with yourself. This encourages the possibility of living creatively and consciously, and freeing yourself from the unhelpful emotional patterns that may be holding you back. Therapy can help relieve painful or difficult feelings and increase your general wellbeing.

Psychotherapy can be helpful if you are suffering from anxiety, post-natal depression, panic attacks or stress. Other issues might be bereavement, low self-confidence or self-esteem, relationship or sexuality issues including those involving sexting; situations concerning abuse, anger or PTSD; eating disorders, depression or ‘boarding school survivor’ syndrome. These conditions may occur together or separately and there may be something that is not written here which may also bring you to therapy. We are all unique and events impact our lives differently.

Psychotherapy is a private, confidential conversation. Please see for full information.