Paul Hambly

Sports Performance in virtually every sport can be improved by the following:

  • Maintaining a good structural position
  • Limiting the negative impact on our bodies
  • Enhancing health, stamina and concentration
  • Our basic structural posture is vital because when we are out of alignment our muscles do not work efficiently, instead acting slightly against each other. As a result our balance is not as good and awareness of our body position becomes a little distorted.

    Acupuncture is superb at realignment of structure. Muscles hold our bones in place and if one side of our bodies, or sometimes just one muscle, is too tight then we are pulled out of our ideal structural position. Acupuncture relaxes muscles and allows the body to reposition itself correctly. This happens by temporally earthing the electrical charge in the muscle being worked on, causing that muscle to relax.

    The impact of sport on our bodies will be dependent on the sport we take part in and our age and fitness. At Hamblys we have various products and kits that can provide the support that we need before, during and after training sessions, or the competitive seasons.

    There is a huge personal aspect to performance that can be helped by a seeing a practitioner. Consultations will help to focus on the weak spots of health and find a practical way to progress.