Sophie Outen

Nutritional Medicine is fundamental to our practice here at Hamblys. This is a natural approach in which the internal environment of the body is improved using diet, nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes. An individually tailored treatment programme not only addresses the causes of a given health problem, but can benefit the whole body in many ways. These benefits include increased energy, improved mental and emotional health, and the reduction in risk and prevention of chronic disease.

A healthy diet for one person is not necessarily right for another. At different stages of our lives we have different nutritional requirements, depending on our age, activity, body condition and the environment we live in.

Years ago we ate a much wider variety of foods, with seasonal variations. Today we can eat things like tomatoes and strawberries all year around, the wide variety of choice is countered by the need for products to survive longer on the shelf. This means the food is not as fresh, so not as nutritionally beneficial, and has been exposed to more chemicals in order to preserve it for longer.

Our diets have diminished from a variety of about 2000 foods our ancestors ate throughout the year to about 60, with dairy produce, wheat and eggs predominating in the western diet.

All these things need to be addressed in order to restore balance and return to good health.

Herbal medicine can be used to enhance digestive effectiveness, as well as supplementation with prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, minerals and vitamins where necessary.