Jacqueline is an Esalen® Massage therapist and Reiki practitioner with more than 15 years experience. Wadhurst born and bred, she returned to the village five years ago and is delighted to be offering massages at Hambly’s.

Esalen® Massage is a full-body oil massage characterised by its flowing motion and long integrating strokes that deeply relax the body and encourage its natural healing processes. Through using slow conscious strokes, the massage therapist can work deeply into the muscles encouraging them to lengthen and relax. In this way it can help to release even chronically tight muscles and tendons.
Esalen® Massage also awakens the senses and enhances total body awareness, allowing individuals the chance to connect more deeply with the
self and experience a sense of wholeness. The signature strokes have a calming effect that help slow down the body and foster a very deep state of

Esalen® Massage is effective in the treatment of:
 Sciatica
 Stiff neck and shoulders
 Sacroiliac pain
 Chronic shoulder and back pain
It can produce a wide array of positive results, such as:
 Improved circulation
 Reduced blood pressure
 Increased lymph flow
 Released tension, reduced pain and stress
 Improved digestion
 Increased flexibility and expanded range of motion
 Improved sleep

A one and a half hour Esalen® session is priced at £70 and gift certificates are available. Reiki sessions are also available either stand alone or as part of a massage session.
Do get in touch with any questions. I look forward to meeting you!